Gary Koniz for Congress
Independent Workers Party

"Help Is On The Way"

Love is stronger than hate; faith really is more valid than cynicism. Non-violence really is more powerful than brute force… The question for us is – do we dare to believe in it? Do we dare to try to make the Leap of Faith into a bold new Country, to shape the vision of a Model Society with the promise of prosperity and a bright new future for everyone.  We can do it all together if we put our minds and hearts and collective wills into the project.  And you know we can, as I feel it too in my own heart, Transform our Destiny.

       The Right Formula for Peace
       and Prosperity in Our Time:
      "A Fair Deal For The People"

The Right Formula to bring Peace and Prosperity to our Country: Calls For a Fair Deal Gainful Prevailing Middle Class Wage Legislation with an Anti-Trust Fair Price Cost of Living Regulation Agreement, an Affordable Graduated FICA Payroll Deducted National Health and Dental Care Plan, and for Full Faith Fiat Issue; (to be absorbed into the economy,) To Fund For Government Services, Create Employment, Provide for the Environment, Education, and Disaster Emergency Relief, and To Preclude Fiscal Deficit by Issuing For Taxation Shortfall as needed directly from the Federal Reserve instead of borrowing it at excessively high rates of interest; that will, in all combined, Produce the "Consumer Purchasing Power" We Need; for Economic Vitality, Growth, and Stability, to protect the Public Well-Being and to ensure our National Security as a Strong Nation.

The Christian Culture of our Nation, is an intriguing mix of religion and culture, piety and patriotism (and not in purely religious terms, but in the terms of what the meaning of religion is all about to do with, and upon which sacred principles inherent in the trust of our fellow man to do the right way of things that our Nation Under God was founded,) concerning what this Nation stands for in its heart; which is the embodied state of inherent goodness and noble intentions.   Our Government should exist to serve the needs and best interests of its people. 

We are embarking here on a new level of consciousness for the earth of putting good will and forcefully applied common sense of discipline in the path of negativity and centering mainly to making ample good paying jobs available and combined with a good sound economic structure to sustain everyone.  It is my plan to organize and to go to Washington as your Representative, as a Group of Citizens, with the Power, Knowledge, and Technical Resources put together, to Soundly Manage the Good Government of The United States, and to virtually be able To Resolve Any Conflict and To Solve Any Problem facing us, here in American and Around The World.

I know what is wrong, I know how to fix things, and I have the power in resources to do so.

I intend to Legislatively Carryout a Ten Point Plan to Overhaul The United States Government, Establishing a new Social Contract, To Transform, our American Society into a more Humane and Economically Sound and Morally Just Way of Life:

The Economic Highlights of this Plan are as follows;

The Legislation to adopt “Full Faith Certificate” to replace Borrowing Us into Untenable National Debt,

A “Fair Price Regulated Monitoring” of the “Cost of Living” To Prevent Consumer Gouging Inflation,

The Elimination of Waste and Mismanagement in our National Budget,

The Creation of a “Bureau of Jobs” to provide Government Subsidized Employment,
based to Full Faith Certificate Issue, for the Nation’s Unemployed,

And in all with a “Prevailing Wage Legislation,” for a “Fair Wage and Benefits Act,”
based to the Federal Government’s own General Schedule Wage Standards,
to be established for each category of work in the Nation’s Private Sector Workforce;

Thank you so much for your support and for your sincere interest and civic-minded intent to be involved.  People Are What Matter To Us Here.

It's not about the empty rhetoric voting politics of the Republican Bloc versus the Democratic Bloc in fighting for control of the U.S. House and Senate Seats anymore, to sit and do nothing in gridlock about the bad things happening to us here, is it, and never was intended to be that way.   
And nor is about the upper class and upper middle class "haves" maintaining their economic and social hegemony ascendency in exploitation and blatant abuse over "the lower down the food chain" lower class, and now previously middle class, "have nots."  
It's about Economic and Social Justice Politics to prevail here "as a way of life," as it should be, and about the life and death struggles to survive matters in dire straits suffering of the Working Class Public in the heart of this Nation to be resolved, "Being Resolved," that are the issues at hand.  Either do as you are instructed here and get involved in the process of overhauling our government for the good of all its citizens, asap, as a government; of the people, by the people, and for the people, or suffer the consequences.   

Journalist Louis William Rose:  3/17/14  "Gary L. Koniz is my favorite candidate. While we do not agree on everything by far, he is courageous in his convictions, does not lie or disseminate, freely debates anywhere on any subject, and is a gracious gentleman in his demeanor and approach to others, especially those with whom he disagrees."

Florida Governor Charlie Crist:  8/1/14  "Hello Gary, It was great seeing you recently.  Thanks for your help and support in keeping Florida on track.  Hope to see you soon."  Charlie Christ * * PO Box 1067, St. Petersburg, FL  33731

"That the Earth with All Its Life Abounding Exists in the Eternity
of Infinite Time and Space is a miracle beyond our comprehension
to behold.  Let us govern ourselves accordingly."  In The End You
Will Say, “We Did It Ourselves.”  Sophisticated Reasoning Is In Order.


General  Election 2014
U.S. Representative, District 4, Florida

Candidate                           Party     Votes Received    

Ander Crenshaw                REP            177,887              78.28%
Gary L. Koniz                     NPA              13,690                 6.02%
Paula Moser-Bartlett         NPA              35,663               15.69%
Deborah Katz Pueschel    WRI                     13                  0.01%

                                                                227,253                Total



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